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Why Fire Horse Films?

At Fire Horse Films, Inc., we are at the forefront of innovative marketing and content creation, offering exceptional services in high-end commercials – national, regional, and local – as well as in educational training media and television programming. Leveraging Jean-Paul's profound expertise from the national broadcast news and information sector, we bring an unparalleled edge to every project, ensuring our clients stand out in their industry.

Our Dynamic Approach Beginning with a seed of an idea, we collaborate intimately with our clients to nurture their vision into a full-fledged reality. Our award-winning scriptwriters and cutting-edge video production team guarantee a seamless and engaging production journey. Further elevating each project, our adept editors and animators craft compelling visuals and captivating final outputs. Beyond production, we spearhead media strategy, adeptly navigating both traditional and novel media landscapes for optimal placement. Whether it's television programming, a product campaign, political advocacy, corporate branding, or an instructional video, Fire Horse Films, Inc. is the comprehensive solution for all your media needs.

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UNC-PBS Production
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Dive into the realm of impeccable television and video creation with us. Collaborating with the world's finest producers, directors, and creative visionaries, we craft captivating narratives that resonate. Experience a seamless blend of innovative ideas and high-quality production, bringing stories to life in the most enchanting ways. Let's shape the future of visual storytelling together.

Media Strategy

At the heart of effective advertising lies the art of Media Placement Strategy. It's not just about creating compelling ads; it's about ensuring they reach the right eyes and ears. Our approach to is meticulously crafted to position your campaigns directly in front of your desired target audience. Let us navigate the complex media landscape for you, ensuring your message resonates where it matters most.

Post Production

Dive into a world where creativity meets technology. With our talented team of top-tier editors, we craft videos that truly stand out in their uniqueness. Leveraging the latest state-of-the-art software and the innovative power of generative AI, we ensure your content not only shines but also resonates with your audience in a distinct manner. Your vision, enhanced and refined by our post-production expertise.

Production Crew?

When coming to NC, and you're in search of a field producer, director, line producer, camera, audio engineer, makeup artist, gaffer, or grip, we've got you covered. Simply let us know your requirements, and we'll connect you with the perfect crew tailored to your project's needs. Your vision deserves the best team behind it.

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Meet the Fire behind Fire Horse Films

Executive Producer & President

Jean-Paul Damé


With over thirty years in the television industry, I am a seasoned Executive TV Producer and Director with a fervor for weaving enthralling stories. My unique blend of artistic vision, refined methodology, and strategic foresight has anchored me in the industry as a reliable creator of captivating visual content.

My tenure at Fire Horse Films as Executive Producer and Director saw me spearheading an array of high-profile TV productions. Ranging from profound documentaries, eclectic travel and culinary episodes, influential election campaigns, impactful corporate branding, educational segments, vibrant promotions, to reality TV, my portfolio stands as a testament to my versatility and knack for translating abstract concepts into riveting visual tales.

But storytelling is just the tip of the iceberg. My profound understanding of audience dynamics, sharpened over decades, arms me with the capability to craft marketing campaigns tailored to specific demographics. Using my storytelling arsenal, I've devised groundbreaking promotional strategies, amplifying viewership metrics and fortifying brand recognition for the networks under my leadership.

My reputation rests on an innovative approach, often coloring outside the established lines to provide avant-garde solutions that bolster business trajectories and forge enduring bonds with target audiences. As I navigate the evolving landscape of television, my holistic grasp of storytelling, marketing nuances, and consumer psychology allows me to leave an indelible mark, uplifting brands and curating unforgettable experiences for viewers.


His Journey

L-R: 1985 Los Angeles Award Ceremony. Producer Jean-Paul Damé, Unknown, Executive Producer Tom Rouse, MTV Producer Glen Olman, Executive Producer Greg Enriquez
Raleigh, NC 2023. NHL Stadium Series production crew.
how it all started

Meet the producer

Jean-Paul Damé’s journey in the world of video production and media is a testament to the blend of dedication, experience, and adaptability. Starting his journey in the entertainment hub of Los Angeles, his work on regional TV shows and popular MTV music videos would have provided him a foundation in understanding audience engagement, storytelling, and the technical aspects of video production.


His service in the US Army with the Recruiting Command further honed his approach. Military service, especially in a role that requires effective communication, offers a unique perspective. It instills discipline, attention to detail, and an understanding of how to communicate complex ideas quickly and effectively. For Jean-Paul, these were likely invaluable lessons that he incorporated into his media work, especially for training and educational video programs.


Today, Jean-Paul’s approach to video production is a blend of his diverse experiences. He understands the intricacies of various mediums – whether it’s the commercial allure of television, the specific demands of corporate videos, the pedagogical requirements of interactive training, or the short and engaging nature of social media. His ability to distill complex topics into comprehensible content is not just a technique but an art form. It demonstrates a profound understanding of his audience, ensuring that regardless of the subject or platform, the message is received clearly and effectively.


For clients, working with someone like Jean-Paul means trusting in a method that has been refined over decades, across multiple domains. It’s about getting content that not only looks good but is also tailored to resonate with the intended audience. In the dynamic world of media, where trends and technologies evolve rapidly, Jean-Paul Damé’s instinctive methodology stands as a beacon of consistency and effectiveness.

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