Forestry Education for NC

For the past Twenty years Jean-Paul has produced over 40 hours of continuing education vignettes for the NC forestry industry. Pre-Production and production begin in February for another great Module 20.

2020 north Carolina elections

For twenty years Jean-Paul has been producing election TV and radio commercials for Presidential, Senatorial, Congressional, Governors, NC State Commissioners, Representatives, Judges, City Council and Mayors. 2018 was a very exciting and dynamic election season and 2020 is going to be fun.

higher education works

Fire Horse films has been a major supporter in the necessity of more funding for Higher Education for the North Carolina Universities. Funding provides better competitive salaries, new infrastructure and a better learning environment for students.

Just the tips - TV SHOW

A new pilot sketch comedy show "Just The Tips". Written and performed by the TIPs members and is a VERY Loosely structured as a Talk Show, but is in reality a sketch programming.  A show that pushes the boundaries of what is acceptable in style and content. Basically a bunch of 12 yr. old men...just having fun. Show times and station TBD.

America's oddities - TV show

Southern Cali born brothers Billy and Jay are a good example of opposite personalities working as a hilarious duo: Upper class against working class; deadpan against buffoonery; tall against short.  Billy and Jay are chock-full of running jokes and a dense amount of brotherly bromance.

CE Training on-line

A Jean-Paul and Fire Horse film is working with local and federal agencies to create and implement a forestry education Learning Management System (LMS) to provide continuing education to the entire woods product industry supply chain.

maritime treasure recovery

Jean-Paul has been working for years with maritime archeologist's across the globe as they discover the sites of historical ship wrecks in our southern waters. Working closely with foreign governments Jean-Paul and his team are close to securing the legal rights to begin recovery of maritime historical artifacts lost to the sea….and time.

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