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Creativity and experience is the fire behind Fire Horse films. That experience comes from the 30+ years of hands-on experience from award-winning President and Executive Producer Jean-Paul Damé. Jean-Paul’s participation in producing high quality broadcast television shows and segments to video educational content for his corporate clients is an added bonus to every project.  He brings a national look and feel to every project he works on. His clients have been returning year after year for the past twenty years. Why? Our clients receive a personal and professional approach to their unique and individual project. The client and their projects are priority #1. Projects that are completed on-time, on budget with no surprises.  At Fire Horse Films, Jean-Paul has stressed that it’s our job to make the client look like the hero. It’s not about us looking good, we already do, it’s about making the Marketing Director, Promotions Manager, Field Producer, whomever is in charge of the project, look their best to their boss and make their company standout visually.

We just don’t wear capes or carry hammers.

While serving in the US Army (1986 – 1994) stationed with Recruiting Command & TRADOC, he worked on hundreds of training and educational video projects. His creative methodology is instinctive as he takes the most complex topics and simplifies them for a client’s targeted audience to comprehend.

For the past three decades Jean-Paul has partnered with some of the most creative, dynamic individuals and companies in the industry.

Jean-Paul and Fire Horse films have been recognized for excellence and innovation in the industry from peers by gaining awards for producing and directing, cinematography, studio and field audio recordings, post production editing, computer graphics, animations and original music compositions.



Jean-Paul Damé

media content creator

Jean-Paul is a highly accomplished and visionary managing producer & director with extensive production and post production experience in film and television. He works often with national networks to field produce segments stories. He is an accomplished award winning Director of Photography and Lighting Director. He also works from time to time national networks for his field audio skills, he hears everything. Jean-Paul believes that to stay relevant in the industry you need to work with your peers. (The moment you think you know everything, you know nothing).

He also has an extensive background and awards in special effects/graphic animation and non-linear editing. Green screen special effects are one of his specialties, having produce hundreds of artificial environments for clients.


Starting his career in Los Angeles, California in 1983 and cutting his teeth on regional programming in Orange County on a variety of TV shows, MTV music videos and commercial advertising. This experience helped shape his creative approach to all his projects.


(We work in the entertainment business, why should we not be entertaining in what we create…that creativity passes onto the client, projects, crew and the viewers and make for a more enjoyable experience).


Serving in the US Army & Recruiting Command, he worked on hundreds of training and educational video programs. After leaving the service he join FOX and Paramount to produce sporting programs before becoming and independent Freelancer in 1998 working for election campaigns and Turner Broadcasting and starting Fire Horse Films in 2006. Today his methodology is instinctive as he takes the most complex topics and simplifying for a clients targeted audiences to comprehend. This applies to all regions of the industry; commercial television, corporate video, interactive training or social media.


And he was also a knight at Medieval Times in Buena Park, California 1986.


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